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News 01/2017

This year KÜHME Armaturen GmbH celebrates its 50th company anniversary. The private-owned medium-sized company from Bochum belongs to the Hidden Champions. On the special valves technology sector KÜHME is developing, manufacturing and marketing high-performance shut-off valves, which are used worldwide in power plants, petrochemical facilities, gas turbine plants, pipelines and steel industry.

Everywhere combustible media like oil, fuel, natural gas, blast-furnace gas or pulverized coal dust must be shut off safely, reliably and quickly, KÜHME valves are in operation. Thus KÜHME is one of the global market leaders in this special field.



News 12/2016

A HIPPS Safety System (High-Integrity Pressure Protection System) protects critical processes in plant sections as chemical facilities or oil refineries from impermissible overpressures. The HIPPS Safety System provides reliable protection of downstream equipment before it is subject to pressure above design pressure. As a result the equipment is protected against damages such as bursting of pipes. For this reason the HIPPS Safety System is considered as barrier between high and low pressure system of an installation and can alternatively be designed as mechanical or electrical HIPPS Safety System.

KUEHME Schnellschlussventil mit HIPPS Funktion EN 1The KÜHME HIPPS Safety System is a robust mechanical unit, which intervenes in the pneumatic control circuit of the Safety Shut-Off Valve (QCV = Quick Closing Valve). Therefore it is a very compact and cost economic solution compared to an complex electronically HIPPS arrangement which is much more expensive because of the additional field wiring or electronic data analysis.

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News 11/2016

Vattenfall Europe is building a new combined cycle plant (CCGT) in the German capital of Berlin. The plant will generate electricity as well as district heat with environmentally friendly cogeneration technology. A modern gas- and a steam turbine are combined for very eco-friendly power generation. In addition district heating is generated thru this advanced process. Highly-efficient gas turbine systems with downstream waste heat boiler are extremely flexible in operation regime and thus play an important role with regard to the turnaround in energy policy: They make the integration of renewable energies into the power grid easier. As they are able to quickly balance fluctuations in power supply caused by renewable energies.

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News 10/2016

Last Year the operator of a Naphta Cracker Plant in the Netherlands decided to modernize the first group out of five groups which forms the entire system.

During close technical consultations the KÜHME Service-Team presented several options for modernization of the existing combined KÜHME Quick Shut-Off and Control Valves.
The valves which are installed in the Hydrogen Generation Section of the Naphta Cracker are operated as High Cycling Valves. Some of them are even operated up to 150.000 times per year and therefore have to be very robust and reliable in service.

The technical inspection shows that the internal mechanical parts of these special valves were accordingly heavily stressed and a modernization and fresh up was absolutely recommended after more than 15 years of operation.

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News 09/2016

India is one of the fastest growing economies worldwide. This tremendous growth in India goes along with a strong demand to increase the power generating capacity.

During the recent years the Indian Power Generating Market plays also a pre-dominant role for KÜHME. This fact is supported by figures of the year 2015 where KÜHME delivered more than 200 units of tailor made Valve Stations and more than 1.000 pcs. Quick Closing Valves exclusively for Indian customers.

Already about more than 35 years ago KÜHME started supplying Special Valve Technology for various high performance applications into India. Because of that long and continuous successful installation track record KÜHME Quick Closing Valve Technology has a high reputation for Indian plant operators with regard to safe and reliable isolation of fuel flow.