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News 08/2015

The month of May is the hottest month in India´s capital New Delhi. The temperature is rising up to 43°C in the shade.

Also the Power-Gen India & Central Asia this year took place in this time from 14th to 16th May 2015 in New Delhi. This international conference with up-to-date topics to the development of the energy market in Asia was guided by the motto „Re-Energizing India’s Power Sector“ and was again accompanied by a large exhibition with more than 180 exhibitors.

Currently India has an enormous need for the installation of additional power generating capacities. During the conference 2015 the lectures were focused on news about supercritical power plant technology, plant optimization and power plant modernization. Furthermore the challenges in fuel supply with coal and natural gas were discussed.

schneller als ein wimpernschlag
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schneller als ein wimpernschlag

News 07/2015

This year the biennial VGB-Symposium “Gas Turbines and Operation of Gas Turbines” took place from 6th to 7th May 2015 in Lübeck, Germany. Since many years this conference is an important forum for exchanging experience and discussing current trends in the gas turbine technology.


alle jahre wieder kommt die auditzeit 1
alle jahre wieder kommt die auditzeit 2

News 06/2015

Also this year the complete range of management systems were intensively inspected at KÜHME in a several days lasting audit by the TÜV NORD.

In the course of the auditing process the functionality of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 was surveyed and also fully re-confirmed by the external auditors. KÜHME has already been working consistently with the QM-System according to ISO 9001 since 1994. In conjunction with supplies of high-class valves for nuclear power plants KÜHME already introduced the first regulated and documented QM-System in the year 1974. And that means more than 40 years constant optimization and further development of the processes relevant for product quality at KÜHME.


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ist ihnen die luft ausgegangen 2

News 05/2015

Even for those really critical cases KÜHME has a solution.

Traditionally instrument air is used for the control of pneumatic actuators on safety shut-off valves(SSOV). However, there are increasing numbers of application cases where no secure instrument air supply is available.

For example emergency safety shut-off devices (ESD) at gas turbines, which are operated in remote regions, problems continuously arise from supply with instrument air. In these cases, often it is too expensive to build up a secure instrument air supply. For these application conditions KÜHME has now developed the new self-medium controlled safety shut-off valve.

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News 04/2015

The power station market in India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. India is in an exponential economic growth phase, whereby expansion of energy supply assumes particular importance. India has its own large coal reserves.
At present the complete installed power plant capacity is 164.6 GW, of which 61.5 % are generated by coal. Serious planning assume that the demand for installed power plant capacity in India will exceed the 300 GW mark within the next 10 years. Modern and efficient coal-fired power plants will here form the majority of the new construction program.