1st International KUEHME Sales Conference 1 

News 08/2016

The global markets are changing quite rapidly and thus makes it necessary to team up more intensively and to review as well as re-align the strategy in a much shorter time span. So it was obvious to choose the motto “Facing New Challenges Together” for KÜHME’s 1st international Sales Conference.

On that occasion more than 40 Valves Experts and Sales Specialists from more than 16 worldwide countries joint together for the 2-days conference in Bochum, Germany. The conference was hosted in the German Mining Museum in Bochum. Bochum is located in the center of the Ruhr Valley which was the hotspot for the German Coal Mining Industry. The German Mining Museum enables the visitor to explore the entire development of modern Coal Mining Technology. Therefore during the two days it was confirmed that this location was the excellent choice for the KÜHME Sales Conference.

 KWS Kraftwerksschule e.V. zur Schulung bei KUEHME 1 

 KWS Kraftwerksschule e.V. zur Schulung bei KUEHME 2  

News 07/2016

Kraftwerksschule e.V. offers a wide-ranging training programme. This mainly aims at employees of the power plant industry. KÜHME Armaturen GmbH contributes for more than 14 years to the KWS-seminars.
Within the scope of the KWS-seminar „Work on Gas Systems“ an excursion to KÜHME Armaturen GmbH is a fixed component.

The excursion to KÜHME Armaturen GmbH is connected with the training on the topic „Service and Maintenance“ of valves in gas facilities. In detail it is demonstrated how Safety Quick-Closing Valves are correctly maintained. The individual steps like cleaning and check of parts are also elements of the training. Another important issue of this training is the accurate testing of the Safety Quick-Closing Valves. This is particularly important for the exact compliance with the specifications of the mandatory approval of the valve as Safety Devices.

   KÜHME innovative - Duplex Gas Valve 1
    KÜHME innovative - Duplex Gas Valve 2

News 06/2016

The shipping industry is due to the introduction of new environmental standards subject to fundamental changes. Guidelines of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Union (EU) has already caused that the use of heavy fuel oil is no longer possible without restrictions. As a result, more and more ships are run with Gas - Engines or with dual fuel engines. Dual fuel engines either are operated with a mixture of fuel oil and natural gas or for alternating operation with fuel oil or gas.

For modern ships with gas fueld engines KÜHME offers special Gas Valve Units (GVU) which ensures safe gas supply of the individual ship engines.

The positioning of these GVUs is close to the ship engines. Due to necessary compact design of the GVUs, KÜHME has developed a new Duplex Gas Valve (DGV) as integrated double block and bleed shut-off valve which ensures gas supply and reliably shut off considering safety-related concerns. The double block and bleed valve unit (DGV) incorporates all known advantages and characteristics of the KÜHME-Safety Quick-Closing Valves resp. combined Safety Quick-Closing Control Valves.

  Schulung von Anlagenpersonal in Saudi Arabien 1

  Schulung von Anlagenpersonal in Saudi Arabien 2

News 05/2016

In the middle of 2014 KÜHME delivered two Safety Quick-Closing Valve Combinations in special design for the protection of the thermal oil circuit at a heat exchanger/high-temperature reactor to SADARA plant complex in Al Jubail/Saudi Arabia.

For more technical application details please also see News 03/2015.

These special valves, which must in addition to automatic shut-off of the thermal oil circuit during normal operation also react in the event of a failure, i.e. cracks in the tube bundles of the heat exchanger. In January 2016 KÜHME was requested to do an expert training for the operating team at site in Saudi Arabia. 

After clarification of all travel formalities for Saudi Arabia the training was carried out from 5 to 9 March 2016 by the KÜHME service technician Mr. Koniarski on Al Jubail site.

 Erweiterung der Produktionskapazitt 1

News 04/2016

At the beginning of 2015 KÜHME offered Chinese Man An Shan Iron & Steel Group, Coke plant, located in Anhui Province three (3) ATEX double block and bleed valve combination devices (Sizing DN 25, DN100 and DN 300) for coke gas purification and Claus Sulphur recovery process.

The DN 300 valve combination KVII/F-KVII/F is used as the main emergency shut-off device (ESD) installed in the sour gas pipeline in front of the burner from reaction furnace. Since the sour gas contains high percentage of aggressive components including H2S and HCN, as well as more than 50% of moisture, the harsh condition requires a highest standard of valve material.