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News 06/2016

The shipping industry is due to the introduction of new environmental standards subject to fundamental changes. Guidelines of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Union (EU) has already caused that the use of heavy fuel oil is no longer possible without restrictions. As a result, more and more ships are run with Gas - Engines or with dual fuel engines. Dual fuel engines either are operated with a mixture of fuel oil and natural gas or for alternating operation with fuel oil or gas.

For modern ships with gas fueld engines KÜHME offers special Gas Valve Units (GVU) which ensures safe gas supply of the individual ship engines.

The positioning of these GVUs is close to the ship engines. Due to necessary compact design of the GVUs, KÜHME has developed a new Duplex Gas Valve (DGV) as integrated double block and bleed shut-off valve which ensures gas supply and reliably shut off considering safety-related concerns. The double block and bleed valve unit (DGV) incorporates all known advantages and characteristics of the KÜHME-Safety Quick-Closing Valves resp. combined Safety Quick-Closing Control Valves.

Within the smallest space the double block and bleed valve and optionally up to four venting valves are integrated in one housing.
This means that the required space can be reduced up to 75 % compared with conventional shut-off valves. The compact design with only one inlet and outlet flange of course fulfills all relevant regulations and – as usual for KÜHME – is designed for a very long service life.

 Even though KÜHME developed the new Duplex Gas Valve (DGV) mainly for the gas supply of ship engines, this valve can of course be used in other industrial sectors:

  • Gas burners in the area of water-tube boilers acc. to DIN EN 12952 / 12953
  • Industrial thermoprocessing equipment acc. to DIN EN 746
  • Piping systems for gaseous fuels in all industrial sectors

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