KWS Kraftwerksschule e.V. zur Schulung bei KUEHME 1 

 KWS Kraftwerksschule e.V. zur Schulung bei KUEHME 2  

News 07/2016

Kraftwerksschule e.V. offers a wide-ranging training programme. This mainly aims at employees of the power plant industry. KÜHME Armaturen GmbH contributes for more than 14 years to the KWS-seminars.
Within the scope of the KWS-seminar „Work on Gas Systems“ an excursion to KÜHME Armaturen GmbH is a fixed component.

The excursion to KÜHME Armaturen GmbH is connected with the training on the topic „Service and Maintenance“ of valves in gas facilities. In detail it is demonstrated how Safety Quick-Closing Valves are correctly maintained. The individual steps like cleaning and check of parts are also elements of the training. Another important issue of this training is the accurate testing of the Safety Quick-Closing Valves. This is particularly important for the exact compliance with the specifications of the mandatory approval of the valve as Safety Devices.

KÜHME Armaturen GmbH offers such training courses also for power plant operators. These training courses help to enable operators to take initial ant preventive actions in case of an accident. Another aspect is the safety assessment of the Shut-Off Valves.  This can be performed significantly more accurate by skills acquired during the training.
These trainings represent an important component for the safer operation of plants.

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