Aus alt mach neu 1

News 10/2016

Last Year the operator of a Naphta Cracker Plant in the Netherlands decided to modernize the first group out of five groups which forms the entire system.

During close technical consultations the KÜHME Service-Team presented several options for modernization of the existing combined KÜHME Quick Shut-Off and Control Valves.
The valves which are installed in the Hydrogen Generation Section of the Naphta Cracker are operated as High Cycling Valves. Some of them are even operated up to 150.000 times per year and therefore have to be very robust and reliable in service.

The technical inspection shows that the internal mechanical parts of these special valves were accordingly heavily stressed and a modernization and fresh up was absolutely recommended after more than 15 years of operation.

Therewas a cost comparison between the two options
of installing new valves or upgrading Aus alt mach neu 2 the existing valves. The customer decided for the more economical solution to Upgrade the KÜHME Valves.

The upgrade package includes following scope and details:

  • Replacement of important parts which are crucial
    for valve function e.g. actuator, bonnet, valve stem, valve plug
  • Reconditioning of the existing valve body at
    KÜHME factory
  • „Marriage“ of complete new valve structure and internals with original valve body
  • Intensive functional test & tightness test
  • New coating of the valve
  • Assembly of accessories as for example solenoid valves, positioners and limit switches

The almost completely new, state of the art valve was then delivered to customer completely ready for installation.

This upgrade service ensures also a complete re-issuing of SIL Certification according latest requirements for valves installed in such installations.

Because of the successful results our customer will also upgrade and modernize the valves on the remaining four groups during regular next planned outages of the Naphta Cracker Plant.

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