The new Hybrid valve
UNIque combination of shut-off valve and control valve

Being part of the proven KÜHME high-performance valve series for industrial applications, the combined quick closing and control valve type KVF/S is used in any application area in which the appropriately control of gaseous and liquid media as well as fuels is required. Simultaneously the control valve also complies with complete requirements of a quick-closing safety shut-off valve. Consequently this valve type offers economic benefit as one separate valve can be saved and furthermore allows less space requirement within the plant.The electro-pneumatically controlled combined quick-closing and control valve sets standards in regards to service life and reliability even in the most demanding applications.

Application areas

  • Automatic shut-off valve with pneumatic actuator with fast-close operation in case of breakdown of the auxiliary energy for gas burners and gas appliances with EC-Type-Examination-Certificate in acc. with
    Gas Appliances Directive
  • Quick acting safety shut-off valve for gaseous fuels, gas-burners and gas appliances with EC-Type-Examination (Module B) in acc. with PED
  • Automatic shut-off valve in pipe systems in accordance with DIN EN 746-2 Industrial thermo-processing equipment
  • As a control element for the fuel mass flow rate to control the combustion performance according to
    DIN EN 12 952-8 para. 4.4.1
  • Combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuels in accordance with DIN EN 12 953-7
  • Pipe systems for gaseous media and fuels in all industrial sectors
Nominal size: DN 15 to DN 50
Operating pressure: Up to 40 bar g (depending on the nominal width)
Operating temperature: max. + 180°C


  • Sustained closing time < 1 sec
  • Quick and precise travel motion throughout the complete control range 1:50
  • 1 instead of 2 - You save a separate valve
  • High safety level through zero leakage
  • Heavy duty design for high amount of operating cycles
  • High-performance valve with a long service life

The quick-closing control valve is actuated by a pneumatic actuator via positioner. Automatic quick-closing is carried out by the installed spring force in less than 1 second. The valve cone with soft sealing element guarantees absolute tightness (leakage rate A in acc. with EN 12266-1) 

Technical features

Valve body: Globe valve body made of forged or cast steel
Seat sealing system: Soft sealing: PTFE, valve seat cladded with stainless steel
Stem sealing: Stainless steel bellows with secondary sealing and test connection G 1/8
Actuator type: Integral KÜHME pneumatic piston actuator for linear control movement with fail close function by means of spring force, control function by means of positioner, quick closing function via 3/2-way solenoid valve
Process connection: Alternatively with welding ends or flange connection, both available in EN or ANSI design
Special features:
  • Type-tested valve in acc. with PED and Gas Appliances Directive,
    test base DIN EN 13611 / DIN EN 161 / DIN EN 16678
  • Closing time less than 1 second
  • Sealing system certified in accordance with the Clean Air Guidelines (TA-Luft) / ISO 15848-1
  • Valve optionally available in ATEX design
  • Valve optionally available in SIL design, certified SIL 2
  • Control plug specifically adapted to your operating characteristics - design optionally as parabolic , multihole-or perforated-plug
  • Optionally available as entirely pre-mounted quick closing valve combination with control feature and intermediate vent valve (double block and bleed valve assembly)
  • Available also as customised valve solution for extreme operating conditions and special applications - We are looking forward to answer your questions!