Hinged compensator in heavy duty design for coal dust pipes, with optimised flow pattern.

Gelenk mit Kessel Doppelgelenk
Application areas
  • Hinged compensator in coal dust pipes
Nominal size: DN 150 to DN 1000
Operating pressure: max. 10 bar g
Operating temperature: max. + 200°C

  • No sealing air necessary
  • Compensation of extremely high deflections

  • Compensation of axial displacement

  • No maintenance required
  • Applicable at high operating temperatures
The hinged compensator is used in coal dust pipes to balance the boiler expansions. The hinged compensator has been adapted to radial deflections and axial displacements. Due to the design of the hinged compensator the flow velocity becomes accelerated - this minimises deposit formations.

Technical features
Valve body: Welded steel construction as split housing
Sealing system: Elastomer sealing between upstream- and downstream element, fully chambered
Actuator type: N/A
Process connection: Alternatively with weld-on ends or flange connections
Special features:
  • Optionally available with hard-facing for wear protection, or with ceramic lining
  • No sealing air necessary