In view of the requirements of the European laws and regulations, KÜHME offers the proven high-performance valve series as double block and bleed unit with intermediate ventilation, completely ready for installation. The quick-closing valves combine the core competencies of KÜHME in valve technology with those of a system supplier for plant installations tailored to the demand. The first valve can be designed as combined quick-closing control valve with type examination. This renders unnecessary the installation of a separate control valve. The individually adapted control behaviour leads to an optimised burner operation.

Application areas

  • Automatic shut-off valve combination with pneumatic actuator with fast-close operation in case of breakdown of the auxiliary energy for gas burners and gas appliances with EC-Type-Examination-Certificate in acc. with Gas Appliances Directive
  • Quick acting safety shut-off valve for gaseous fuels, gas-burners and gas appliances with EC-Type-Examination (Module B) in acc. with PED
  • Combination of automatic shut-off valves with intermediate ventilation in pipe systems according to
    DIN EN 746-2, Industrial thermo-processing equipment
  • As a control element for the fuel mass flow rate to control the combustion performance according to
    DIN EN 12 952-8 para. 4.4.1
  • Combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuels in accordance with DIN EN 12 953-7
  • Pipe systems for gaseous media and fuels in all industrial sectors
Nominal size: DN 15 to DN 50
Operating pressure: max. 40.0 bar g
Operating temperature: max. + 180°C


  • Closing time < 1 second
  • Safety due to absolute tightness
  • Optionally available as quick-closing control valve combination
  • Heavy duty design for high operating cycles
  • High-performance valves for long lifetime
  • Pre-mounted component, completely ready for installation

The quick-closing valves are operated each via a pneumatic actuator with a solenoid control valve. Automatic quick-closing is carried out by means of spring force in less than 1 second. At the same time, the intermediate ventilation valve type KEV opens within 1 second and relieve the gas volume between the closed quick-closing valves. The soft seal attached at the valve cone guarantees absolute tightness (leakage rate A in acc. with EN 12266-1).

Technical features

Valve body: Globe valva body made of forged steel or cast steel
Seat sealing system: Soft seal: PTFE, NBR or FKM, valve seat cladded with stainless steel
Stem sealing: Stainless steel bellows with secondary sealing and test connection G 1/8
Actuator type: Integrated pneumatic KÜHME piston actuator for the stroke movement, quick closing by spring force, actuated by an electro-pneumatic 3/2-way solenoid valve
Process connection: Alternatively with welding ends or flange connection, both available in DIN or ANSI design
Special features:
  • Type-tested valves according to PED and Gas Appliances Directive,  test base DIN EN 13611 / DIN EN 161 / DIN EN 16678
  • Closing time less than 1 second
  • Sealing system certified in accordance with the Clean Air Guidelines (TA-Luft) / ISO 15848-1
  • Valves optionally available in ATEX design
  • Valve combination optionally available in SIL design, certified SIL 2
  • First quick-closing valve optionally available with adjustable hydraulic opening delay
    (5 to 20 sec.) and throttling plug for smooth start-up operation (see type KVF/R-KVF)
  • First quick-closing valve optionally available as combined quick-closing control valve (see type KVF/S-KVF)
  • Available also as customised valve for extreme operating conditions and special applications - Please contact us!