Safe and Reliable Cogeneration in Berlin with KÜHME Quick-Closing Valves


Vattenfall Europe is building a new combined cycle plant (CCGT) in the German capital of Berlin. The plant will generate electricity as well as district heat with environmentally friendly cogeneration technology. A modern gas- and a steam turbine are combined for very eco-friendly power generation. In addition district heating is generated thru this advanced process. Highly-efficient gas turbine systems with downstream waste heat boiler are extremely flexible in operation regime and thus play an important role with regard to the turnaround in energy policy: They make the integration of renewable energies into the power grid easier. As they are able to quickly balance fluctuations in power supply caused by renewable energies.

KÜHME provides high-performance ESD Quick Closing Valves for the modern Gas Turbines of this new large CCGT plant. These special Quick Closing Valves are designed to safely and reliably isolate the fuel supply to the gas turbine in case of emergency. These high-quality valves are type-tested by TÜV and certified accordingly. In addition these special valves are fully meeting the requirements according to DVGW rules. DVGW is the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water and they are defining clear rules and strict requirements for the safe operation of gas installations and plants.

For the Berlin installation the KÜHME Quick Closing Valves are DN 12“ sized and delivered as a complete pre-assembled Double Block and Bleed Unit. Outstanding closing time of 0,1 second are achieved with these type of high-performance special valves. This entire double block and bleed unit was intensively tested in the KÜHME workshop in Bochum and was delivered to Berlin site ready for installation and straight operation.

For more information: tabbert@kuehme.de

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