KÜHME valves are of top quality and are designed for highest reliability and lifetime. Therefore, many of the valves we produced in the 1970s and 1980s are still in use today.

As several technical and regulatory requirements have changed in the meantime, we are able to offer you an upgrade of the KÜHME valve types KVI/F(R) and KVI/HF. This is not only limited to the retrofit of the valves at our facility in Bochum for the technical updating. But, after having retrofitted the valves, they will also be provided with all necessary permits and examinations according to current requirements:

  • Type Examination Certificate
  • Clean Air Guidelines (TA Luft) Certificate
  • SIL 2 Certificate
  • Fire-Safe Approval

In addition, we guarantee that all spare parts used will be available for another 30 years.

Get an impression of the professional maintenance of a quick-closing valve.