Training in Saudi Arabia


In the middle of 2014 KÜHME delivered two Safety Quick-Closing Valve Combinations in special design for the protection of the thermal oil circuit at a heat exchanger/high-temperature reactor to SADARA plant complex in Al Jubail/Saudi Arabia.

For more technical application details please also see News 03/2015.

These special valves, which must in addition to automatic shut-off of the thermal oil circuit during normal operation also react in the event of a failure, i.e. cracks in the tube bundles of the heat exchanger In January 2016 KÜHME was requested to do an expert training for the operating team at site in Saudi Arabia.

After clarification of all travel formalities for Saudi Arabia the training was carried out from 5 to 9 March 2016 by the KÜHME service technician Mr. Koniarski on Al Jubail site. In the course of the training at first a visual check of both installed KÜHME safety quick-closing valve combinations was performed on site. Here the emphasis was that the extensive control device as well as the associated security devices of the special valves had been connected correctly and were ready for operation.

Afterwards both KÜHME safety quick-closing valve combinations were subject to a functional test. In this context also a failure was simulated to check the functions of the safety devices. On the third day, after all tests were carried out without objections and all questions could be answered practice-related, a detailed training took place based on the specially-tailored operation and maintenance instruction for these valves as well as the technical documentation.

For more information: znotka@kuehme.de

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