Single-plate gate valve

Being part of the proven KÜHME shut-off valves for the municipal gas supply, the gate valve type PSA-ELI SIL can be used in every application where safe shut-off of the gases is required in accordance with DVGW G260. The single-plate gate valve, which is actuated by a rigid- or telescoping mounting set, sets new standards for litetime and reliability.

Application areas

Shut-off gate valve in municipal, underground gas supply systems for natural gas, made of steel pipe according to DVGW G260

Nominal size: DN 40 to DN 300
Nominal pressure: PN 6 / 16
Installation length: in accordance with DIN EN 12 982 R15
Operating temperature: - 10°C to + 70°C

  • Low actuating torques
  • With internal spindle thread
  • Safety due to absolute tightness
  • Robust design
  • Metallic sealing system for long lifetime
  • Flow-through in either direction
  • piggable
The single-plate gate valve for open/close service is actuated by a telescope or rigid lever set mounted to the square-cut spindle. It is key-operated from above the street cap.

Technical features
Valve body: Fully welded structure, housing interior filled with oil
Seat sealing system: Floating support of the spring-loaded metallic sealing system consisting of the shut-off flap and two side plates
Spindle sealing: O-rings attached to the non-rising spindle
Actuator type: Manually via a rigid or telescope lever set for various pipe depths, optionally available in water-proof design
Process connection: With steel welding ends (ELI) or flange connection (ELITA).
Special features:
  • DIN / DVGW tested
  • Smoothly lapped shut-off gate flap
  • The sealing system prevents dirt pentration during the entire stroke when the gate flap is moving
  • Maintenance-free
  • Cathodic corrosion protection due to polyurethane coating
  • In the open position shut-off flap and side plates form a guiding pipe
  • Larger nominal sizes upon request