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KÜHME Valves are H2-ready

The Future is now: 100% safe and suited KÜHME Valves for Hydrogen!
Stempel KÜHME ist H2 ready

The use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel passed evaluation phase long ago and becomes a trending reality more and more.

Known to be a difficile medium hydrogen demands high safety standards in view to the related equipment. We at KÜHME Bochum are engaged in valve design for hydrogen for “quite a while”. Speaking that our first valves for PSA (pressure swing adsorption) plants, in which 100% content is processed and valves have to fulfill high cycle on/off or control function, have been delivered in the 1970’s, for us the future is as well linked to the company’s history.

H2 Color Knowledge

Green Hydrogen

Produced solely from renewable sources, like:

  • Pyrogasification or electrolysis of water with electricity from wind, solar or biomass
  • Biogas steam reforming

Turquoise Hydrogen

Produced by means of thermal cracking of methane (methane pyrolysis) in which solid carbon is created instead of CO2. The heat supply of the high-temperature reactor must be based on renewable energy sources and the permanent binding of the carbon must be ensured to maintain CO2 -neutrality

Blue Hydrogen

Produced from conventional energy sources, either:

  • Fossil sources with CO2 capture and storage (CCS)
  • Water electrolysis by means of nuclear power

Grey Hydrogen

Produced from fossil sources, usually from natural gas steam reforming to H2 and CO2

The future is now: H2-ready Solutions from Bochum

Due to it’s low molecular mass hydrogen is a challenging medium. Within hydrogen applications suitable valve technology has to consider in particular high-performance sealing systems and material resistance. KÜHME is familiar with the relevant engineering since the 1970s, in which high-cycle switching valve series for PSA plants have been established.

KÜHME – pioneers in hydrogen applications since 1973

Nowadays – no question of color, wether green/turquoise, blue or grey – KÜHME Solutions provide uncompromising safety for hydrogen applications in its production processes as well as its consumption sided utilization in energy generation.
No matter whether the single plate gate valve in gas distribution grid, the quick closing shut-off valve in firing system or the complex tailored mixing skid, all KÜHME solutions made in Bochum warrant for maximum degrees of reliability and safety for the individual hydrogen application.

Where essential safety is not negotiable – KÜHME your first choice!

Based on these principles KÜHME as a know-how carrier as well accompanies the development of new or special applications with tailored key technology. In addition to a strong cooperation partner, we are already now able to offer a broad hydrogen ready and proven product portfolio for multiple application fields.

KÜHME H2-ready Valve Equipment: Added Value

  • First class internal and external tightness
  • Ready to connect systems
  • Heavy duty design for highest number of operating cycles
  • Tailored system solutions from one hand – engineered and made in Bochum
  • High safety level through zero leakage
  • Diffusion and embrittlement safe design
  • High-performance valves with a extended service life
  • Compact system design, fully pre-tested and certified
  • Proven Valve Equipment for hydrogen application since 1973

H2 Applications served by KÜHME

Industrial Firing
Gas Engines
Gas Turbines
Ventile vor Gaskompressor
H2 Production
Gas Grid
H2 Storage
Steel and Glass
PSA Units

We are happy to serve you with a detailed technical valve offer exactly suiting your Hydrogen Application.

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