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The Future is now!

Hydrogen, H2-ready

The future is now: 100% safe and suited KÜHME valves for hydrogen!

The use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel passed evaluation phase long ago and becomes a trending reality more and more.

Known to be a difficile medium hydrogen demands high safety standards in view to the related equipment. We at KÜHME Bochum are engaged in valve design for hydrogen for “quite a while”. Speaking that our first valves for PSA (pressure swing adsorption) plants, in which 100% content is processed and valves have to fulfill high cycle on/off or control function, have been delivered in the 1970’s, for us the future is as well linked to the company’s history.

Whereas in present days e.g. mixing skids for hydrogen involved for specialized cooling processes of steel and glass products is one of the frequent fields of application served, the decision for safe and reliable KÜHME valve technology commonly combines for every hydrogen application:
– Superior and full internal as well as external tightness
– Diffusion and embrittlement free design
– Proven expertise in hydrogen application since 1973

KÜHME ensures optimal prerequisites for first class safety suited for your hydrogen application – we are looking forward to support you!

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