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Burner Station


Burner stations represent the mechanical part of the Burner Management System. Together with the safety shut-off valves, control valves and instruments the burner station warrants for a safe burner operation.



  • Compact design, pre-tested
  • Defined connecting points
  • Ready for connection “Plug & Go”
  • Easy to operate
  • Optionally adapted to the burner function
  • Safety due to absolute tightness
  • Easy accessibility of all components
  • Proven high-performance valves
  • Central supply of compressed air

General description

The KÜHME Burner Station are engineered under consideration of the following aspects: compactness, economical, ergonomical, maintenance and user friendly. The burner station is equipped with safety shut-off valves for the fuels and in case of oil burners, additionally for atomizing – and purging steam. All other equipment e.g. control valve, flowmeter, pressure transmitter, pressure gauges are based on cutomer´s request. By standard the upstream side infront of each safety shut-off valve furthermore has to be equipped with a manual shut-off device as well as a strainer.

Zwei Männer zwischen Ventilstationen

We are happy to serve YOU with more details for your particular installation.

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