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Gas Turbine Fuel Skids


The gas turbine fuel skids are used for feeding gas turbines with fuel. The valve station is designed as a modular system with optional units such as, manual shut-off unit, filter unit, gas turbine quick-closing valves (ESD), measuring and metering unit. This allows the individual configuration of different components and KÜHME offers advantages related to e.g. the available space, as well as to a clear transparent cost structure. The design and execution of the gas turbine fuel skid are individually adapted to the plant and customer’s requirements.



  • Compact, modular design, pre-tested
  • Defined space requirements
  • Ready for connection “Plug & Go”
  • Easy to operate
  • Safety to proven technology
  • Easy accessibility of all components

General description

The gas turbine skids are equipped with all instruments and valves necessary for a safe turbine operation. Within the fuel feed systems, the gas turbine skids are the final component with safety equipment installed directly in front of the turbine, intended to protect it in the event of a disruption. The use of proven and reliable components, which have been tested for years, guarantees a constantly high quality standard. The gas turbine skids are equipped with integrated KÜHME gas turbine quick-closing valves with extremely short closing times of ≤ 0.15 seconds. The gas turbine skids are inspected and tested at our facility and are ready for installation to the system.


We are happy to serve YOU with more details for your particular installation.

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