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Measuring and Control Station


Measuring and control stations are used for adjustments of the fuel mass flow combustion system. Also the settings for the operating parameters are controlled by this station. An individually adaption to customer´s requirements or from the plant is possible.



  • Compact design, pre-tested
  • Defined connecting points
  • Ready for connection “Plug & Go”
  • Easy to operate
  • Safety thanks to proven technology
  • Easy accessibility of all components

General description

The measuring and control stations are equipped with all necessary instruments and valves for safe boiler operation. Measuring and control stations are generally located in front of the consuming equipment in the fuel supply. Depending on the process technology, they are designed for overall use, that means one station for all burners. Another solution is for certain levels, that means if the boiler has 3 levels with burners for each level a measuring and control station is needed. The single burner control is located on the burner station.

Mess- und Regelstation, grau und blau lackiert
Mess- und Regelstation, Blick von oben

We are happy to serve YOU with more details for your particular installation.

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