Some big boys have been whipped into shape!

Zwei Monteure vor Schnellschlussklappe

Decent job by our service technicians, in particular considering the current pandemic impacts, who recently overhauled 6 units of PKIII/D in size DN 1100 (44″) with impressive numbers.

Each valve carries:
an outline dimension of: 1,9 x 1,4 x 2,0 m
a weight of: 1.900 kgs
a massive closing force of: Over 40.000 N

The butterfly flap valves are servicing for safety shut-off within the burner feed of power plant fueled by blast furnace gases generated in steel production. After 13 years of operation the units have undergone complete overhaul at Kühme works Bochum and will be sent back to site in as new condition with warranty.

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