HAF604 Certificate – KÜHME made an important step to Chinese Nuclear Industry


In 2008 new regulation was issued by Chinese National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) that foreign Manufacturers of specified safety-relevant components for nuclear power plants must register their products with NNSA and obtain the certificate named HAF 604in order to be legally traded and applied to plants.
The prerequisites for the applicants to gain the certificate is that the nuclear product / technology of foreign supplier is innovative, mature and has proven superior operating performances in China.

As a top industrial valve manufacturer, Kühme has supplied High-Tech Containment Shut Off Valves PKIII DN1200 and DN250, eight (8) pieces for a comprehensive range of valve sizes to TIANWAN nuclear power plant Unit 1&2 in China. Kühme valves have been in operation in plants for more than a decade, whose exceptional performance and reliability have been highly valued by end users.

Besides the convention power plant market the Chinese nuclear market is also important to KÜHME.
Alongside KÜHME’s existing regional markets, the Chinese market is also considered a strategic growth engine with great potential. The acquisition of HAF604 Certificate will conceivably boost the company’s momentum in this market.

For more information: sales@kuehme.de

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