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In-situ automatic tightness test - Innovation made by KÜHME


Among other things, standard EN 12952-8 chapter 4.4 describes the requirements on safety shut-off devices for burners. According this standard it is necessary that in regular intervals a tightness test has to be foreseen at any installed quick-closing equipment. Most of the plant operators, who have equipped their firing systems with state-of-the technology, generally would like to perform these tightness tests after shutdown of the burners automatically.

This can be achieved for gaseous fuels by already proved equipment elements. For liquid fuels these equipment elements have not been available yet. The demand of experts and plant operators that also safety shut-off valves for liquid fuels shall be equipped with leakage control devices (LCD) has become more intensive in recent years.

As experienced manufacturer of high-quality safety shut-off devices KÜHME has developed a new automatic LCD especially for liquid media. For this product innovation by KÜHME a patent has been applied. The first system with KÜHME LCD was already delivered at the end of 2015 for a state-of-the-art coal-fired power plant in Poland. The plant has 24 burners which are operated with heavy fuel oil EL. All quick-closing combinations were equipped with an automatic LCD.

During development, care was also specially taken to ensure that the LCD can be quickly and simply retrofitted in existing plants. For plant operators thus an upgrade of their system is available with KÜHME solutions.

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