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2D Mixing valves – Type ZDM

2D Mixing valves – Type ZDM

Fully automated mixing valve for a selective gas quality control with simultaneous control of the flow rate. The application area of the ZDM mixing valve is where gases with varying calorific values will be mixed to achieve a gas mixture at the valve outlet of constant quality for using it in a downstreaming combustion process.

Mischventil Einduesung


Biogas & Landfill gas, Glass Furnace, Steelworks

Nominal size:
DN 50 TO DN 400
Operating pressure:
PN 6 – PN 25
Operating temperature:
max. + 200°C


  • No delay time – rapid response of the mixer ensures immediate availability of the individually selected gas quality
  • Highly constant quality of the gas mixture
  • Exact gas quality control
  • Wide flow control range 1:30
  • Short reaction times when changing the gas injection
  • Compact design

Operation Details

The ZDM Valve controls two parameters of the gas mixture leaving the outlet. A positioner is taking care to adjust and to control the required flow rate as one important parameter.  The second parameter which is properly controlled by the ZDM-Valve is the mixing ratio of the two inlet gases. There is a smart mixing mechanism installed inside the ZDM-Valve to selectively tune the mixing ration according to the fluctuating calorific value of the inlet gas.

Sicht in eine Biogas-Mischanlage
Sicht in eine Biogas-Mischanlage mit Schnellschlussventil

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