The injection gas mixing valve type IGM is integrated in pipelines of gas mixing plants to increase the calorific value or to stabilise the calorific value of big gas volumes.

Steelworks, industrial boilers
Application areas
  • Combustion processes in furnaces and boilers
  • Thermal processes to increase the calorific value
Nominal size: DN 50 up to DN 500 (injection gas connection)
Operating pressure: PN 6 – PN 16
Injected volume: up to 50 percent of the main gas
Operating temperature: max. + 300°C

  • Precise control of the gas injection for exact increase of the calorific value.
  • Reliable injection media shut-off due to robust plug sealing system
  • For use at high operating temperatures of up to 300°C
The injection gas is fed to the main gas. The injection gas mixer IGM controls the amount of the injection gas by means of the defined orifice cross section opening of the perforated basket element which may be adjusted by the axial stroke movement. With the radial injection of the injection gas, the mixing ratio is precisely set and homogeneously mixed. The precise control of the proven KÜHME closed-loop actuator depends e.g. on calorific value measurements.

Technical features
Valve body: Welded steel construction with injection and discharge flange is individually adapted to local conditions.
Seat sealing system: Spindle sealing by means of KÜHME automatic seal kit.
Metallic sealing of the control plug
Actuator type:
  • Integrated pneumatic KÜHME piston control actuator (preferred because of safety position during power failure)
  • Optionally: electrical actuator
Process connection: Flange connection in acc. to DIN/EN or ANSI